Why choose Hijama therapy to reduce your High blood pressure?

I have always had a passion for helping others and I always knew at an early age that I wanted to enrich the lives of others for a living. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences to have this realized after graduating from medical school. Shortly after opening the Hijama therapy clinic a really close friend of mine shared her struggles with her high blood pressure. What really stood out to me was her displeasure in taking pills and the negative symptoms involved with medicines she took. I also saw this as a common theme among several of my patients. This is why Hijama therapy has developed such a following within the past few years.

Anti-hypertensive medications are amongst the most commonly prescribed drugs that exist in the world.

While successful in reducing blood pressure, all pills come at a cost, in the form of side effects. Here at hijama therapy, we treat high blood pressure, which has proven to contribute to heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, kidney disease and eye disease.

Blood pressure increases in the arteries of the body through three ways;

  1. The blood itself becomes thicker and heavier over a period of time.
  2. The volume of blood increases in the circulation.
  3. The blood vessels become 'stiffer' and less elastic due to age and the build up of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries.

The scientific basis for why Hijama works in treating high blood pressure is simple and relates to the 'thickness' of the blood flowing through the circulation. Through wet cupping therapy, the heaviest and oldest 'stagnant' blood is selectively removed. As a result the circulation is left lighter and cleaner and the blood pressure reduced. Simply put, having healthy blood pressure is an important aspect of overall health maintenance and our goal is to help you achieve that.

Here at Hijama therapy, success is achieving control of your blood pressure so you can reduce your need for medications. So what does Hijama therapy mean for you? It means that you can enjoy your life to the fullest with your loved ones and lead an enriching life without pills. This goal along with the many success stories of our patients helps drive us every day.

Our hypertension club package is a great way to get started with Hijama therapy. This package includes 3 treatment sessions. This includes a full consultation followed by 2 treatment sessions. After this point you wouldn’t need Hijama more than every 3-4 months.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Its a miracle that your mail came at this time. Yesterday I received a call from my doctors office regarding my blood test results. My aldosterone levels were quite high and my potassium quite low. I’ve been taking supplements but it doesnt seem to be helping. Im now waiting for the nephrologist to review the results and advise what to do. I am taking blood pressure meds and also have type 2 diabetes. Im not overweight. Would appreciate some advice. When is hijama performed etc.

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