Indeed in cupping (hijama) there is a cure.” [Saheeh Muslim (5706)].

Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)…” [Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371)].


What is Hijama?

Hijama is a process of blood detoxification in which the skin is scratched superficially (only the epidermis layer of the skin)  and small amount of blood is extracted via pressure from a vaccume cup. This therapy has been practiced since the Prophet's (SAW) time and is a very emphasized sunnah. The amount of blood that is extracted depends on the individual. Some people will let out more than others. However we will never extract more blood than needed.

There are two types of Hijama that I perform, one is where there is the letting out of blood also called wet cupping and one in which there is no blood letting and only the suction from the vacuum is applied also called dry cupping. Dry cupping is best for a general re-energization of the muscles.

Why should one get Hijama done?

Hijama improves circulation and sluggish blood flow by extracting the older blood in your body, the body gets a chance to rejuvenate and push the body to make new blood cells. Also the blood removed is full of toxins from the body and the environment ( food additives, pollution etc)

The suction from the cups helps to pull all the muscles, skin, and blood into negative pressure which helps with muscle aches and pain.

Hijama is especially beneficial for:

  • Muscle Pain / Aches / Stiffness
  • Blood Detoxification
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Skin Disorders (Acne, Eczema, Rashes etc.)
  • High Cholesterol and/or Triglycerides
  • Immune Support
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Digestion Support
  • Mood Support
  • Memory / Concentration
  • Insomnia

Where do I get Hijama done?

Always go to a professional when it comes to Hijama, Due to the nature of the procedure, and the risk of acquiring communicable diseases, always make sure the setting is clean and sanitary. Our clinic set up is professional and always sanitary. We are located in Milton, Ontario. For more information click here.

Why choose us?

I am a medical doctor (international) and a certified Hijama (Cupping) therapist with years of experience. Currently, I am pursuing my acupuncture license on my way of becoming a certified osteopath.

Our clinic only uses one-time sterilized instruments in a safe and sanitized clinical setting. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly by email or phone.


Hijama Therapy (Cupping) Starting at $85 per session

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